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WordPress Website

Any kind of website that uses WordPress as its CMS (Content Management System) is WordPress Website. According to Content Management System statistics, mostly WordPress is used around 42 %, it powers over 60 Million Websites on the internet and 33 % are not monitored, other CMS are available in small portions. Like, Shopify – 4.1%, Wix – 2.3%, Joomla – 1.6%, Drupal – 1.2%.

Websites you can create with WordPress

  • E-Commerce Website – An e-commerce website authorizes you to sell your service or products online and collect payment through online payment system. You can have online store in your website.
  • BlogA Blog is a unique type of website committed to sharing reviews, photos, thoughts, recipes, tutorials, information and so many other things. The most recently published content usually displayed first in the Blog.
  • Business Website – WordPress is the best option if you require a Website for your business to aware about what service or product your company is offering. Customers can approach you, plan to visit and much more.
  • E-Learning Website – Students can use the website to study online and take online courses and can also track their progress, what they need to improve in themselves to move further successfully. Online courses can be offered with the help of WordPress Website.
  • Event Website – If you are planning to host any kind of event. WordPress can help you in share the details regarding the event and sell the tickets online in faster way.

When it comes to WordPress, you can create so many Websites. The above points are some basic examples of WordPress Websites.

Woo-commerce Website

Woo-commerce is a flexible kind of software solution basically made for WordPress Website. It is frequently used for e-commerce websites for shops. With the help of Woo-commerce software solution anyone can convert their normal website into functioning into e-commerce website. Around 3.8 million online shops are using Woo Commerce Website in today’s time.

It allows users to control your online stores easily. From displaying your products, and managing it, to accepting payments through payment gateway.

Woo-commerce was launched in 2011 by the company named Woo-themes and then it was obtained by WordPress later in 2015. You can easily download the Woo-commerce plugin from WordPress plugin and the best thing is that it is free of cost.

Features of Woo-commerce

  • Order Management – Woo-commerce provide order management feature, so that user can easily handle all the order on the website that are sent by their customers.
  • Product Management – It is hard to understand, how to display your product inventory etc. when you start your online business. Woo-commerce provide users to add different categories for different product.
  • Flexible Payments – Woo-commerce provide different kinds of payment method like COD (cash on delivery), Bank Transfer, UPI and other.
Wordpress Website Customization - Siteadda

WordPress Website v/s Woo-commerce Website

  • In conclusion we can understand that WordPress is a powerful website creating tool and a brilliant CMS (Content Management System). On the other hand, Woo-commerce is a plugin for WordPress that validate users to convert their normal website to e-commerce website.
  • Both WordPress and Woo-commerce functions differently. Woo-commerce is great tool for your online business. Whereas, WordPress is the better option for blog website or any kind of normal websites.

Siteadda Labs provide both WordPress and Woo-commerce websites, according to your business requirement.

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