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How to increase your website ranking in Google searches?

Siteadda - How-to-increase-your-website-ranking-in-Google-searches

Google gets more than 95 Billion total monthly visits; it is still the most popular website worldwide. Facebook gets 20 billion total of monthly visit. On the other hand, Amazon and Instagram gets only 4 billion visits. Google held the first place of the most popular website from the past decade. With the help of SEO strategies you can increase your website ranking.

Ranking high on Google is very competitive and it is one of the biggest challenges. Every single day around 3 million posts get published. You just have to figure out SEO and how Google’s algorithm works.

increase your website ranking

Why does Google rank matter?

The best way to boost traffic on your website is ranking higher on Google, even though the digital marketing prospect has filled with new platforms growing in popularity. The first five organic results on the first page generate more than 70% of all clicks according to online data.

If you rank higher than your competitors, then you have a chance of making their potential customers to your real customers. Also you have more opportunity to turn your website visitors into new customers, if more people visit your website.  Having higher rank on Google will boost the credibility or status of your business.

Important points for Ranking Higher

  • On-page SEO

To boost your rankings on Google, on-page SEO is one of the easiest ways.  You’ll see quick results because it does not take a lot of time to do. Basically it refers to the elements that emerge on your website pages that you can optimize like headlines, images and page titles. Alternately, off-page SEO which is also important with creating significance for search engines.

Using keywords at the beginning of your tittle tags will majorly help you in on-site SEO. There are also other factors like creating a long content and inserting the keyword you made two or three times every page will give you better results.

  • Security

Make sure that all your pages all secured and your site is optimized for mobile. Websites that have HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) gets more preferences by Google. It helps in making sure the website user that any information that exchanged between user and the website is safe. 

If your website is not secured or don’t have HTTPS yet, then get an SSL Certificate as soon as possible to authenticate the identity of your website.

  • High-quality Content

If you post high-quality content on daily basis, then you can get more visitors on social media platforms and if they like your high-quality content they’ll surely share the content. The backlinks play a major role in Google’s algorithm. The more user who link to your content, the more it tells Google that your content is sharable and trustworthy.

The overall quality of your content (should be engaging, relevant and well written) will keep the readers hooked to your page.

  • Create internal links

with backlinks, you should also focus on creating internal links. A hyperlink that links to another page on the same domain is an internal link, they help Google in classifying your web pages.

As a matter of choice, you should place the internal links towards the beginning of the web page, this can also help in improving or lower your bounce rate.

  • Improve your bounce rate

It will affect your search rankings, if the visitors come on your site, look at the pages and in a couple of seconds goes back to the search page. Google will think that the users are not impressed with your website. In simple words, if your users enjoy browsing your site that means the bounce rate is low.

Make sure that all the important information appears above the scroll, visitors should not have to search or scroll down to find the needed information. Adding a summary or table of contents can also help visitor to go directly to the information they need.

  • Incorporate Video

Google not only offers the text results but also video, news article and images to help create a better user experience. Now-a-days people invest most of their time watching a video content. Videos can keep the visitors on your site for longer period of time and that attract the attention of the Google.

Ranking in Google is not an easy task but if you follow all the important tips and tricks then you can improve your SEO ranking position. There are so many other ranking factors that can influence your website’s position based on the quality of content you serve on in the market.

Your website should be interesting, useful and provide appropriate amount of content to the user.

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