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Bulk SMS basically means sending massive number of SMS messages to the mobile phones of a prearranged group of beneficiary receivers. Bulk messaging is mostly used for reminders, alerts and marketing but it is also used for website, communication and information between both customers as well staff.

It is used by enterprises like media companies, banks, consumer brands and other enterprises uses SMS for different purposes like entertainment, mobile marketing etc.

Advertising about your website and offer is very important because now-a-days people have become much more selectable while choosing the services or products. India is the leading country in terms of Bulk SMS Service.

Why bulk sms is important for website

Usage of Bulk SMS for Website

  • Welcome SMS

Welcome text message should include required information like you can offer a sign-up incentive to your new website user such as discount code, coupons, free shipping or free gifts etc.

You should provide the necessary information to the user. You can also use something extra for your brand SMS to stand out and look different because most of the welcome text messages from different brands looks same.

  • Offers and Discounts

Users don’t visit your website on daily basis, so there are high chances that they miss out the offer or discount you are providing for a specific period of time. SMS can easily tell users about the offer going on specific items and to check out your website.

You can also let your users join in the celebrations like anniversary of your website and much more.

  • Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS involves promoting about your products or services, so that customer gets to know more about your website’s product and service. You can also tell your customers about “new launches” to check them out.

Any kind of offer or discounts can also be included in Promotional SMS.

  • Neglected cart SMS

When the user adds items in their cart, and leaves it. You should poke your customer with little SMS because maybe the customer forgot about the item after adding them but after seeing your SMS they will remember and make sure to check them out if they’re still interested in that item.

You can also provide them incentive of FREE SHIPPING for the given period of time. So that they’ll think about the item and visit your website.

  • Birthday SMS

Messaging on text is more personal than using emails and a great way to highlight the personal feel by sending a Birthday SMS to your website user. They ‘ll be more likely to engage with you, the SMS will make them feel special and respected.

You cannot send the Birthday SMS if you don’t know about your user’s birthday but for that you can send them a fun text asking them for it by telling them about birthday offers and gifts.

The user will definitely like to share their birthday on website because who wouldn’t like birthday surprises on their special day.

  • Verification SMS

When someone signs up in your website for more information, they’ll need to confirm their identity. After they fill up the sign up details, they’ll receive a onetime password (OTP) through SMS. The user will be verified after they confirm the code.

  • Booking or Order Confirmation

Booking or Order confirmation SMS help the customer know that their order is accepted. If someone will order your product or service from your website, they’ll get the order confirmation message with tracking ID. This helps in building trust between your website and the user.

  • Transactional Bulk SMS

Transactions SMS tells the user details about the transactions the user has made on the website. Bank is a great example because when user make any kind of purchase, withdrawal, or deposit money. It sends the transaction SMS in couple of seconds to inform the user.

There are many more usage of Bulk SMS in Website, let us know the importance of using these Bulk SMS in website.

Importance of Bulk SMS in Website

  • Opportunity for greater global reach

Emails and websites can’t be checked every day but SMS is mostly checked on comparison of both. SMS can be delivered anywhere at any time, nevertheless of location. This will help you in spreading awareness about your business globally in a very easy way.

  • Cost Effective

Compared to the cost of any other marketing tools, bulk SMS marketing is very affordable. Messaging delivers a higher ROI (Return on Investment) in low cost than many other marketing tools.

  • Higher Conversion Rate

According to survey, response rate of SMS is higher than the response rate of email messages. You will receive higher rate of response whatever the objective of your marketing campaigns like promotions, surveys, website visits and many more.

SMS marketing have endless number of potential because there are huge number of smartphones users worldwide than desktop or laptop users.

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