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Why SEO is important ?

Siteadda - Why SEO is Important

Now-a-days people search for every small to small meaning, when we need something, when we are about to buy something, when we want to go somewhere or when we want some basic information. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Basically SEO helps in improving your website to increase your websites visibility in Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing and other search engines. Google have 92% of search engine market share, whenever people search for any kind of product you sell, service you provide or information on topics your website is related to.

You will be more likely to be found and clicked on because of the better visibility your pages will have in search results. The main advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) is that it helps in attracting more and more internet users and website visitors to your page who can later become a customer or audience. In simple words, if you want people to find out about your business on any platform when people search SEO is important. It’s a long term plan and more traffic in your business site can improve your brand or business reputation.

SEO Importance

Images are also important in SEO, they are the key players that will keep people or customers engaged and attract more users. Having an image can also improve the quality of information, it can also create more opportunities to rank higher and in more traffic. Google also provide image search option that makes it easier. For image SEO, save the file name with dashes instead of spaces. This file name will be your keyword. For better results add text alternative or description and it does not require any kind of keywords.

Search Engine Optimization - Siteadda

Benefit and important of SEO

  • Whenever your site is being used with the help of the keywords, it will increase more and more traffic and more traffic means more customers or clients.
  • Ranking higher in Google gives your brand or business another level of reputation, because most of people trust in Google.
  • Putting your money on your website and in digital marketing will lead back to Higher rate of Interest.

SEO is the best brand building technology for your business and very essential part of any marketing strategy. SEO have potential to make huge impact on your business most important goals, like generating leads and increasing sales. Make your business online presence a top priority and be a step ahead of your competitors.

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