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Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway is an online service technology, which is used by sellers who sell their goods online to accept credit or debit card purchases from customers or buyers. Payment gateways are the “checkout” portals in online portals.

Payment Processor and Payment Gateway are two different terms. A Payment Processor act as a mediator between merchant and the involved financial institutions,that routes credit card information of a customer between customer’s card network or bank. On the other hand, Payment Gateway is an online service system that collect customer’s credit card information and verifies it before sending it to Payment Processor. Payment Processing service are also offered by many Payment gateway providers. If you like both of the services then you can use PayPal, it can be both Payment gateway as well as Payment Processor.

How Payment Gateways work?

Payment Gateways are the means by which an e-commerce business owner gets their Business’s income. To understand in an easy way, follow the below points: –

  • A customer checkout their cart or click “buy now” then they fill the shipping information and billing details and initiates the payment transaction.
  • A customer will enter their card details and information, when the e-commerce platform takes the customer to the Payment Gateway.
  • For authorizing the transaction, the payment gateway will redirect the customer to a secured page.
  • If the transaction will be successful or their will be error in transaction, then the payment gateway sends the message to the customer.
  • In the payment gateway, the banks settle the payment. If the transaction is successful.
  • Then the payment gateway settles the payment with the account of merchant, sending the customer the notification, that the transaction is successful and the process of payment is complete.

A Payment Gateway makes sure the safe flow of payment from customer’s account to merchant’s account or e-commerce platform account is secured. Choosing a Payment Gateway provider is a critical task for your business.

The e-commerce platform is adapted by India more rapidly than any other countries. In online retail chart, India have around 53% of share, Chine have 33%, Indonesia have 31%, Malaysia have 30% and South Korea have 12%.

After 2020 people were habitat of online shopping and e-commerce became much easier. People shifted from traditional shopping to online shopping and mostly the digital payment was used because people wanted to avoid direct communication with other people this brought a big change in e-commerce platform and other online platform. People still prefer digital payment, as most of them wants to avoid shipping charges which is applied on COD (cash on delivery) orders.

Secure Free Payment Gateway

Top 5 best secure payment gateway for website


It is the most popular payment gateway. It is simple to introduce PayPal into your online business store because it is accepted all over the world. PayPal charges the seller around 3.4% transaction fee and to accept payment by credit cards it adds $0.30 (around 24.58 Indian Rupees) and charges no cost to buyers. PayPal provides more protection to customers.


Razorpay is the payment gateway, which provide multiple wallet options like, Freecharge, Amazon Pay, Airtel money, Ola money etc. It sends an authentication request to the customer’s bank. Razorpay does not charge any setup fee.


This payment platform serves as a B2B/B2C (Business to Business / Business to Customers) payment gateway service to Uber, Reliance Jio, Swiggy, Zomato and many others. It does not require any kind of setup fee, but approvals are subjected to KYC completion.


In terms of Online Payment Gateways in India, PayU is one of the leading platform. It has authorized more than 5lakh businesses so far. It gives permission to business to collect digital payment around more than 150 payment methods such as Net Banking, Credit cards, Debit cards, UPI, EMI, Wallets and many more.


Cashfree have several e-commerce CMS systems, it is made for banking needs for business and for all payments. More than 10+ currencies are supported by Cashfree payment gateway. Cashfree services are used by organizations like Delhivery, Cred, Zomato, OlaMoney, Zoomcar etc.

In conclusion, different payment gateway provides different services and have different cost, supports and payments types. Most importantly, customers are the one who are going to decide whether to buy your product/service or not, so choose the best payment gateway for your e-commerce with great creditability and secured elements. Make sure to visit for more information.

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