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SSL Certificate why important in a Website?

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SSL Certificate importance

SSL stands for Secured Sockets Layer, SSL were requirements of the website but now it is mandatory to have SSL for your website. Data security is not the only importance of SSL Certificate, it helps in building users trust, helps in improving SEO rank, and much more.

From big entrepreneur or great financial institutions to small online business owner, from a content writer to a website owner, everyone needs an SSL certificate to ensure the security of their data on website.

It activates a secure connection between the server and the browser, when the SSL Certificate is installed. That means the other party cannot hack and stole your data, this signifies that the data transferred over this secured connection is encrypted. If the hacker still tries to hack your site, he won’t be able to. It will be difficult to crack because he will witness alphabets and numbers mixed up. HTTP protocol changes to HTTPS, where “S” stands for secure. This happens when the SSL is installed on a server.

SSL Certificate Advantages - Siteadda

Advantages of SSL

  • Data Protection: – SSL (Secured Socket Layer) provides protection to your data and sensitive information which is transferred and exchanged on your website or online. They protect your very important information like passwords, ID details, credit card details etc.
  • Prevents Phishing Attacks: – In online platform hackers create such types of websites, which asks users about their personal information like bank details, credit card details, name, address and other personal details. After receiving the users data, they misuse the information for their personal benefits. SSL prevents this phishing attacks.
  • Secure Customer Payments: – Payment card industry requires at least 128-bit encryption on any payment data being transferred from one location to another. SSL Certificate make sure that the user payments are secured.
  • Boost Customer Confidence: – Get an SSL Certificate to increase your customers or users trust because most of the users look for the SSL lock icon (which is there beside your website URL or protocol) before handing over sensitive data.
  • Better SEO ranking: – Google gives higher rankings to websites who have secured with SSL certificates, which means if you want your business to rank higher in google like platforms you need SSL.

Disadvantages of SSL

  • SSL Cost: – The SSL certificates are expensive and the cost of the SSL depends upon the nature of security you required on your website and if you want to purchase multi-domain certificates which cover domains and sub-domains, then obviously the cost of such kind of SSL certificates are much higher.
  • Renew SSL: – The SSL has to be renewed and updated every year, if not updated the SSL will stop working and protecting your website. It can drop the revenue because SSL is mandatory for those websites, which deals in e-commerce and online transaction activities.
  • Application support: – Only web based applications were meant to be supported by SSL.

Professionals use SSL Certificates to make sure that their customer’s or users personal data are not stolen by any third party.

At last, security of data is a must in this generation, which is full of technologies. Being a website owner, it’s your responsibility to secure your users data. Otherwise your website will be marked as “not secured” which may lead to downgrade of your website rankings.

Siteadda labs is a company in Indore, which can help you in providing the best SSL service according to what your website needs in a very affordable price.

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