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Festival Image design why Important for brands

Siteadda - Why Festival image is important for brands

Festival Image is Importance

Festivals are a unique opportunity to connect with your existing customer as well as potential customers. You as a marketer should not leave this opportunity as it is an effective marketing strategy. It can enhance the brand image, increases sales and builds an emotional connection with the customer.

Brands get an opportunity to modify their offerings on the occasion of every festival. Holi is a festival of colors and Diwali is a festival of lights, just like that every festival in India signifies something.

In past years, local communities and associations used to pitch about the brands they are promoting. But now companies use unique logo designs and promotional materials at festive events to attract their customers. This helps in promoting the brand name through festival advertisements and digital content.

Most of the customers like to shop during festivals. Through festival promotional activities there are high chances the customer will visit your website or shop (offline business), or they can contact you if they are interested in buying your product or service you are offering.

According to a survey, it showed that 94% of people were more exited to make purchase during the festive season. Festival images can promote your business to meet the expected revenue targets or goals.

Festival image marketing is a medium where brands express their festive spirit with the help of images and videos through social media posts and digital ads. Brands who have their online platform redesign their website during the festival period, that represents about the company as well as the festival.

why festival image is important for brand


Benefits of Festival Image

      • Attract more customers
        Now-a-days people spend more time on internet staying online. A festival image can easily reach them and tell them about the deals you are providing during the festival and about discounts, combos, and free gifts etc.
        People automatically gets attracted when they see any kind of offer or sale. Even if they don’t buy anything they’ll surely checkout your products or services.

        • Festival images are cost effective
          Social and digital marketing activities saves a lot of money from organizations and it is a best way to gain brand recognition, that also helps in attracting higher sales. People pay more attention to festival images and content in comparison of your normal daily content.

        • Festival Images evoke emotions
          Festival images can evoke emotions among the customers more than any other type of content. When choosing the festival image to pair with your online content, make sure the image is eye-catching and shows emotions towards the festivals. It is important that your message reach to the audience that you are trying to say.

        • They create engagement
          Pictures already have the superpower that can easily grab customer’s attention. Festival Images creates more engagement because people love to share festival wishes image to their friends and family. More share means more engagement and more awareness of your brand.

        • Promotion of brand
          Festival image designs includes your brand name, logo and other information like what product or service you are providing and what are the offers going on during this festive season. People pay attention to the wishes and the offers you are providing. Festival images are easy and effective way to promote your brand in a very less time period.

          Festivals are great opportunity to create experiences that customers love through festival images. Festive marketing strategies have evolved over the years where maintaining consumer’s sentiments are preferred first.
          A professional festival image design and a good content can make your brand look more professional and ethical.

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