SMS helps to destress | 3 reasons to use SMS in your Spa or Salon

SMS helps to destress | 3 reasons to use SMS in your Spa or Salon

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When to use SMS as a survey tool

In today’s customer-centric world, it is essential that businesses have a good understanding of consumer habits, wants and needs in order to stay ahead of their competitors and improve their service offering. One of most effective ways to obtain these insights is to conduct surveys. Surveys allow businesses to get a better insight into their customers preferences and expectations so that the right products and business strategies can be developed.

However, one of the biggest struggles faced when conducting surveys is getting customers to complete them. Customers don’t really want to spend time filling out long questionnaires in-store while they are busy shopping. Nor do they want to take a website survey when they could be browsing elsewhere. So, how then do you get customers to complete surveys? If only there was a way that customers could send quick feedback via a platform that is both well-known and trusted. Well, there is, SMS!

SMS surveys have completely changed the way feedback and data is acquired. Gone are the days of lengthy questionnaires and long phone calls; SMS allows instant customer feedback via a platform that is efficient and familiar to the customer. Below we have outlined some examples as to how and why you would send out your SMS survey:

SMS surveys for market research

Whether you’re an entrepreneur exploring the needs of your target market or you’re a part of an established company looking to launch a new product, SMS surveys allow you to get important information directly from your customers.

Getting immediate responses to quick and simple questions is one of the most effective ways to get to know your target market and ensure that you are communicating and marketing to them appropriately.

SMS surveys for customer satisfaction

Gaining feedback from your customers about a certain product or service is invaluable. It allows businesses to assess what is or isn’t working and then make the relevant changes. SMS surveys could be sent to loyal customers, asking them to rate a certain product or give feedback on what they would like to be improved.

Customers could be asked to rate the customer service of a recent in-store interaction or they could be asked for their thoughts and opinions on a new product launch.

SMS surveys for event planning

When planning an event, one of the best ways to ensure that the attendees are satisfied is to ask for their input before the event. Questions like, who do they think should be speaking at the event or what their dietary requirements are?

SMS surveys can also be sent to attendees after the event to gain insight on how to improve the next event. These surveys could ask questions like:

  • What 3 things do you feel needs to improved for the next event?
  • Would you attend again next year?
  • What was your favourite talk/discussion?
  • On a scale of 1 – 10 how would you rate the venue?

SMS for Human Resource management

We all know that employees are the heart of every business. To ensure that your business remains successful, you need to ensure that your employees are happy in the workplace. For example, SMS surveys could be sent to the employes asking whether or not they are happy with a new system that has been implemented, if they would prefer more employee interactions or if they are satisfied with their opportunity for growth within the company. The survey results can also be kept anonymous in cases where the employees are required to answer personal questions.

SMS as the perfect engagement platform

Now that we’ve looked at some examples of how SMS surveys can be used, take a look at some of the reasons why SMS surveys provide the perfect platform for companies to engage with their customers.


Not only can customer choose when to answer the survey, but because SMS is so quick and to the point, customers can answer it during a coffee break or on a train to work.

Real time data

Traditional paper or email surveys typically require follow ups and an in-depth data gathering process. SMS surveys, on the other hand, collect real time data and results which can be analysed instantly.

Easy to launch and rollout

SMS surveys can be launched and delivered to customers within a matter of minutes. Where phone calls require time and email surveys might end up in spam folders, SMS is quick, effective and it gets delivered straight into the hands of your customers.

Allow for honest responses

For companies relying on in-store or over the phone market research, your customers may feel pressured into telling you what you want to hear. Using mobile surveys to collect feedback allows customers to feel more relaxed when answer questions because they can do so in the comfort of their own home and without the pressure of needing to answer straight away.

Ultimately, SMS surveys are a powerful and innovative data collection tool. They allow you to obtain important feedback from your clients, customers and employees in a manner that is efficient and cost-effective. On top of this, SMS surveys allow for evidence-based decision making that can help any business address their failures, strengths or pain points that may be affecting their client’s customer experience.

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Rumors and Myths about Text Marketing

Rumors and Myths about Text Marketing

Rumors and Myths about Text Marketing text marketing smsgatewayhub 300x244Thank you for your wonderful replies and interest on our previous articles. Here is one more for you addressing market mis-conceptions.

Even though SMS communication is now one of the most fruitful marketing channels. But as more entrepreneurs are adopting this proven strategy, they’re also being discouraged by certain myths and rumors.

Here, we’ll be looking at 6 common myths about SMS marketing, and we’ll be debunking them with real truths. It is very important that you know these, lest you hesitate to apply a magical strategy due to your fear of problems that never existed.

1. TEXT marketing is a spamming activity:

No, it isn’t, as long as you are following the given below rules:

You have explicitly taken permission from your contacts to fire text messages to them.

You provide an opt-out option in your SMS messages.

You are sending messages from a familiar number.

2. SMS Campaigns = Business Promotions:

SMS don’t always have to be used to send marketing messages or promotions. You can use text messages to get feedback from your customers and to provide better customer service. An Open Market article states a majority of Millennials prefers businesses use text messaging, instead of calling, for customer service because they don’t like to talk on the phone.

3. SMS is impersonal and cold:

Once again, this is not true. It however depends on your message as well as how you present it. If you send a message that does not appeal to the needs of your recipients, expect no responses or results. Likewise, if you send a message that sounds too fake to be true, expect no result as well. Remember, the more you personalize your messages, the better they will perform.

4. Internet marketing is better than SMS marketing:

This may be true to some extent – but only in advanced countries where almost everyone surfs the internet daily.

But in rest of the Nations, a greater fraction of the population does not know how to surf the net. And those who surf the web don’t do so on a frequent basis.

No doubt, the best avenue through which you can reach prospects is by SMS. People take their phones everywhere, and they read all text messages. So, SMS marketing will spread word of your business faster and farther than the highly demanding internet marketing.

5. Only Big Organizations use bulk SMS: 

Another common myth about SMS marketing is that it only works for established and trusted businesses and brands. But the truth is, the strategy can work for every business, regardless of the size and age.

The main reason why people read SMS from the “big” businesses is that such businesses are trusted. (Of course, no one would like to do business with an unknown company.) If you start by building trust and establishing your brand, you’ll also get great results from SMS marketing.

6. SMS marketing is interruptive and intrusive: 

SMS marketing can be causing disruption or annoyance, when you reach to wrong contacts or when your messages are not valuable. So, make sure every message you send to your recipients delivers a differentiated value. Instead of sending same text messages to all your subscribers, it is highly recommended that you focus on creating highly targeted messages that will interest your recipients.

We hope you find this article interesting and useful. Please keep on sharing your feedback. We are glad to talk with you.

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