Digital Invitation Cards Design

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SERVICE NAME: Design Digital Invitation Card

Digital Invitations for weddings, birthdays, New Years or any festival or religious occasions

Benefits of Digital Invitations :

Eco-friendly, Trending, Money Saving, Easy Management, Quicker and Easier.

Why Choose Us?

  • Compatibility with many devices and Social Media Platforms
  • It will be a unique eye-catching card
  • Flawless quality resolution
  • On-time Delivery and Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • The work will be highly professional


Product Description :

Digital Invitation Cards

Digital Invitations is the latest and the trending way to send invitations. Because of its convenience, it has been accepted and continued by many others. However, we still believe that the invitation cards that you design yourself can best express your sincere wish to invite your guests.

Invitation card makes every occasion very special. Digital Invitation card are the cards mailed out when you want to invite friends and family to a special event such as birthdays, special wedding anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, etc. Invitation cards can be bought almost everywhere.

  • Especially, it gets memorable when it comes to weddings, birthdays, New Years, farewell or any festival or religious occasions invitation card or an event to launch a new product or service.
  • Invite your friends and family to your next party, in the cutest way using these e-invitations.

We will create unique printable invitation cards for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Baby Showers, graduation ceremony and Bridal Showers or greeting card for holidays like Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine’s Day etc.

These can be sent via social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or other messaging applications such as email and SMS. The invitation can be an image, a video or a text message.

What is the importance of digital invitation cards?

  • E-Invitation is considered a convenient, secure and fast way to send video invitations. It is stored electronically and cannot be easily lost. You can get it multiple times as needed.
  • E-Invitation Video, a cost-effective, budget-friendly and created electronically. It is a cheaper means of sending it to your guests via WhatsApp and other social media platform.
  • It reduces the manpower. Unlike paper invitations that are sent by courier, the online invitations are Hassle-free.
  • People retain what they view than what they read. Virtual invitation created in such a way, they look very attractive and impressive and gets the person to view the video.
  • When you choose virtual invitations, you can save the planet by saving trees and save money at the same time.
  • Digital wedding invitations are just as beautiful and often more striking than printed invitations.
  • Digital birthday invitations are also unique and catchy to invite your friends to your birthday party.
  • These are really inexpensive, sophisticated and unique way of inviting and most importantly, very much in your budget and affordable for you.
  • Your invitation will leave an ever lasting impression on your guests they will be enthralled to see it.

Invitation Card Sample Design :

Invitation Card - Siteadda

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